Now there are 42 urban monorail systems operating today totaling over 269 miles world-wide, with over 400 stations, reliably carrying millions of passengers per day.

Monorail incorporates over 60 years of evolutionary improvements since the first straddle monorail systems were built in the 1950s. Today monorail systems can operate on a pinched loop circuit, run on automated positive train control, use level platform loading, support full standing height walk-through trains, and travel at up to 65 mph.

Worldwide more than 42 monorail systems are in operation, 21 systems are in development or under construction in 7 countries.


Yinchuan, BYD 

Shantou City, Guangdong Province, BYD 

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, BYD 

Jining, Handong Province, BYD 

Guang’an, Sichuan Province, BYD 

Wuhu, CRRC Puzhen/Bombardier 

Urban Maglev, Line S1, Beijing, CRRC, medium-speed maglev line 

Chengdu suspended monorail, Zhongtang Sky Train Group


Khae Rai – Min Buri Pink Line, Northern Bangkok Monorail Company (NBM) 

Lat Phrao – Samrong Yellow Line, Eastern Bangkok Monorail Company 


6th of October City 

New Capital line 


Line 15, São Paulo Espresso Tirandentes, Bombardier 

Line 17, São Paulo, Scomy, currently construction delayed 

Line 18, São Paulo, Scomy, currently construction delayed 

Salvador Suburbio, BYD 


Line 3, city of Daegu, Hitachi-Woojin 

Incheon Airport Urban Maglev 


Panama City Line 3, Hitachi 


Balanga City, BYD 


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